Playstation 4 20th Anniversary Edition Looks Dope

I know I’m gonna have to save up and get a Playstation 4 and this 20th Anniversary Edition got me wishing I had some money to burn to go get this amazing looking game system NOW!! If you don’t already know December 3 marks the 20th year since the original PlayStation was launched in Japan and in celebration of this day, Sony has unveiled a 20th anniversary edition PlayStation 4 which brings a whole new meaning to retro gaming!! This bad boy is rocking the classic grey colorway of the original PlayStation and it looks amazing. It also come in pretty cool special anniversary box. This is however a limited edition PS4 with only 12,300 units available worldwide and I know they’re gonna go fast. So how much you ask? It’s gonna cost you a grip at €499 EUR (approximately $615 USD) but you know that’s not stopping anyone, these are gonna go like hot cakes lol! The anniversary edition of the PS4 will be available for pre-order starting December 6 in North America….GAME ON!!



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