Jacob Ikenga

Comic Book Character: Jacob Ikenga

Jacob Ikenga
I spotted this cool illustration of comic book character named Jacob Ikenga. He a character from the “Secrets of the Kush Empire” universe and dude looks huge! He’s also laced with some hevey artillery!
A brief origin of Jacob Ikenga:

At the age of 18 Jacob started to become physically sick and emotionally exhausted of the life he had been living. Desperate for a change or death he decided to experiment on himself with the samples he has been studying in secret. He was able to manipulate it’s genetic codes to match his own. After a few months his body started to grow and he was no longer sick. His mind became even sharper. Knowing he had to leave before the others noticed his change he planned his escape. During a raid he was able to slip away under the cover of darkness.
Jacob body continued to grow from 145lb to a massive 435lb on a powerful 6’9 frame, with enhanced healing and reflexes.

That’s only part of his origin. Find out more about Jacob Ikenga and the rest of the Secrets of the Kush Empire on their Facebook Fan Page.

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