2016 SE Fat Ripper


PK Ripper Gets A Fat Bike Upgrade (@sebikes)

2016 SE Fat Ripper

If your a BMXer and haven’t been living under a rock I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the videos of SE Bikes brand manager/BMX legend Todd Lyons posting photos and videos of the new 2016 PK Ripper Fat Bike! That’s right the legendary PK Ripper will be re-reincarnated as a 26″ Fat Bike by the end of the year. Todd got the internet buzzing with The Fat Ripper, everybody is talking about this bike. I’m loving the videos Todd’s been posting of him doing manuals and stair gaps on the bike and it shows this bike is ready for some aggressive riding action. In the photo above you can see the bike has disk brakes, I wonder if the bike is gonna come stock with disk brakes, that would be dope!
The Fat Ripper is also gonna come with some sick tires too! SE linked up with Vee to make 26×3.5″ SKINWALL tires that will be coming on the stock bike! That’s gonna be sick!
SE Fat Tire Wheels
The 32 pound Fat Bike will be priced right around $950 so you know these are gonna sell like hot cakes! This takes the “26” Retro BMX” bike trend to a whole new level, I think Todd started something with this 4sho! Stay tuned for more updates coming soon or check out SEBIKES.com
PK Ripper fat Bike 2016

The Fat Ripper

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