Batmobile iPhone Case

batmobile iphone case
Ok so the folks at Crazy Case just made the ultimate geeked out phone case ever with their new Batmobile iPhone case! This thing is a near spot on replica of Tim Burton’s rendition of the Batmobile but that’s not it. This is not just some basic molded case, this thing has wheels that extend out to reveal the phone’s camera lens and four LED lights that go off when a call comes in. But this is the sickest feature…..wait for it….. Its Turbo Booster Can Project The Bat Signal On A Wall!!!!!!! Now I have absolutely no reason to get and I am not wanting an iPhone 6 but I’m most definitely would like to have this case!!! I wish they made one for the Galaxy! This bad boy is suppose to drop later this spring for about $50 bucks.
batmobile iphone case2
Check out the promo video!

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