Kidrobot special edition, 10th anniversary dunny

Steven Elmes Talks New Kidrobot Releases, Bootlegging And Cycling (@sjelmes)

So while I was at the Neca booth at the New York Toy Fair I saw some cool upcoming Kidrobot releases on display. I just so happen to meet Steven Elmes, director of marketing for Kidrobot and we kicked it on camera about the new treats the company has coming out like the Kidrobot Special Edition 10 year & 4 Month Anniversary Dunny and Tricky Cats. I also asked him about the Bootlegging press release that was sent out recently to all the blogs. Also during our conversation, I found out that Steven was deeply involved in the cycling industry back in the day which is awesome, so he talk to me a little bit about his background in the sport. I really enjoyed this interview, Steven Elmes is a really cool dude 4sho!
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Kidrobot special edition, 10th anniversary dunny

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