A Crowded Coop – Star Trek – Inspired Bag Collection

Travis Torgerson lead product designer for The Coop:Fresh Goods For Geeks gave me look at some of the licensed product that the company had on display at the New York Toy Fair. In this clip Travis showed me their cool Star Trek themed lifestyle product like the Enterprise Messenger bag, Retro Tech backpack, Retro Tech Pattern Purse and Retro Tech Away Purse. They also had a cute Tribble Coin Purse. The Enterprise Messenger bag really caught my attention because it’s a blend of cycling and pop culture, that’s really cool! Check out the interview to find out more about The Coop’s great Star Trek product and when your done visit their website HERE.
Stay tuned for my next video with Travis where we take a look at the awesome Walking Dead themed accessories coming soon!
The Coop Star Trek (1)

The Coop Star Trek (2)

The Coop Star Trek (3)

The Coop Star Trek (4)

The Coop Star Trek (5)

The Coop Star Trek (6)

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