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Super Sprowtz, Healthy Eating and HipHop (@supersprowtz)

Roger Hansen, Spencer and Erica Eggplant had the Super Sprowtz booth jumping at Toy Fair NY! Spencer demonstrated his beat box skills and Roger jumped in and spit two freestyles about the whole Super Sprowtz movement.
Super Sprowtz, Toy Fair NY
The Super Sprowtz are all about healthy eating for children and adults:

Our mission is to use the educational power of media to help children learn about nutrition and wellness. Our program seamlessly integrates a proven curriculum that addresses children’s critical developmental needs around nutrition education with an exciting multi-media approach. Our ultimate goal is to make it fun for the whole family! ~Super Sprowtz

Super Sprowtz, Roger Hansen, Spencer
Roger Hansen is dubbed the “Super Hero Trainer” and He’s also an emcee who we hope to get on a future episode of Spittin In Da Wip. More about Roger and his roll at Super Sprowtz below:

Raised in a small neighborhood in south Brooklyn, Roger was always a very enthusiastic and creative kid. His mother was a professional musical clown who put him in the spotlight at a young age, taught him her tricks and eventually passed him the torch. As a self proclaimed “big silly guy” Roger worked as a kids entertainer through college, this led to a lot of adventures including a year of work at Disney World. Roger loves being healthy, dancing, writing and Super Heroes. He feels like he was destined to work with the Super Sprowtz!

Super Sprowtz, Toys
I really dig the whole Super Sprowtz movement and I love the names of the characters like Colby Carrot, Brian Broccoli, Gita Garlic and Sammy Spinach to name a few. Super Sprowtz have also been featured in several major media publications, TV Shows and websites. They’ve also been endorsed by a lot of well know celebrities and even the White House!
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