The Brother, imani

The Brother And His Sidekick Imani by Marcus Williams

The Brother, imani
There are many awesome illustrations of Jay Kelly’s comic book character “The Brother“. This latest illustration of this dope character and his sidkick Imani was done by Marcus Williams and it looks amazing, I’m loving it!
About The Brother:

The Brother is an African king named Omodara who sold an enemy tribe into slavery and is cursed to travel through time for redemption.

I’ve had many artists bring The Brother to life. Samax Amen, Kenjji Marshall, Samal World-McNealy, Eli Hix, Kimberly Moseberry, OC Taylor, ifesinachi Orjiekwe, Thought power Douglas, Sean Tate and Henry Wilson. But actual stories will be illustrated by Samax Amen for GhettoManga magazine and Sean Tate and Henry Wilson for an indyplanet book. I’ll keep you all posted. ~Jay Kelly

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