Set Enterprises, Mini Rounds

Set Enterprises 25th Anniversary Mini Rounds, Card Games

Set Enterprises was back at Toy Fair New York again this year and I had to check out the awesome new product they had on display. In celebration of Set Enterprises 25th year anniversary, they released the “Mini Rounds” card games. The Mini Rounds are quick versions of Set’s awesome Set, Quiddler, Karma and Five Crowns. Bree and Christina of Set Enterprises did a quick demo of the Three Crowns Mini Rounds which is really cool! Bree also gave me a quick description of the Quiddler and Karma Mini Rounds. Another cool thing that Bree told me about was the free daily online version of Set, Quiddler and another game called Xactica! Since this interview I’ve been playing the Set and Quiddler online games and their definitely addictive.
Set Enterprises, Toy fair (2)
You Can find out more about all the games available from Set Enterprises on their website
Set Enterprises, Mini Rounds

Set Enterprises, Toy fair (1)

Set Enterprises, Toy fair (6)


Set Enterprises, Toy fair (3)

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