Red bull berm burners
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Red Bull Berm Burners, Dominion Riverrock (691 Photos)

Red bull berm burners
The Red Bull Berm Burners event returned again as part of the huge Dominion Riverrock Festival! The Dirt Sculpt crew made an awesome,technical and longer design for this year’s event and everybody was loving it. A lot of BMXers came out this time for the Pro Event, it was like a big BMX family get together. There were amazing riders like BMX Elite men Jeff Upshaw, Elite woman Arielle Martin, the legendary Brian “Blue Falcon” Foster and two time berm burners champ/A Pro Victor Behm at the event and more. Two super talented upcoming BMXers Andrew Townsend and Keagan Nelson competed in the pro class and made their mark on the event with Keagan placing 1st and Andrew placing 3rd. The 2 time Berm Burners champ Victor Behm came in 2nd after a really tight battle with Keagan. It was an awesome event indeed. Oh and here’s a fun fact, Keagan, Victor and Andrew all competed in one of last years the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest…nice!!! There’s so much more to talk about but I still have a ton of photos and videos to go through so I’ll let the gallery below do all the talking. It has a ton of photos from Berm Burners and the Dominion Riverrock festival, enjoy!

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