Dreadlocks illustration


Starfall: The Undoing, Promo Poster Illustration

Dreadlocks illustration
I saw this awesome illustration posted on Facebook by writer Dion Floyd for a comic book series called “Starfall: The Undoing”. The story written by Reese Robertson and Dion Floyd mashes up the comic book characters Dreadlocks, Michael R. Sloane and Glyphx for one mega comic series. I love the idea of all these talented creators bringing their own characters and worlds together for one project.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for issue #1 of this series……or will it be a graphic novel?? We’ll all find out soon enough, stay tuned!

Here is a sneak peek at the first promo poster for Starfall: The Undoing written by Reese Robertson and Dion Floyd. Dreadlocks© created by Andre Batts and appears courtesy of Urban Style Comics. Michael R. Sloane© created by Adalberto McFarlane and appears courtesy of Nine Nappy Publishing. GlyphX© created by Ced Pharoah and appears courtesy of NKOSI Publishing. ©2014,2015 Aquaryus Entertainment. Artwork by Alberto Foche.

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