mecca con 2015

Mecca Con Applications Available Now!!

“Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts – MECCA​, aka MECCAcon, is a large comic book and artist convention held annually in Detroit, MI. The primary reason M.E.C.C.A was established was to instill knowledge primarily in the younger art culture. It is my mission to make sure that children know that all “heroes” do not look the same, that many actually look just like THEM. It is also important to learn the origin of comic books, what the historical facts come from, and what the word “hero” actually derives from.

Unlike many “comic cons”, we don’t just focus only on comic books. Art has several mediums, and we want to highlight them all. MECCAcon will highlight comics, science fiction, steampunk, fine art, music, graffiti, dj artists, handmade artisans, african belly dance, urban gardening, fashion, african martial arts, and more.

Lastly, at this convention, while comic books are the main focus, we want to make sure that ALL forms of art are highlighted. At the end of the day, art is and always will be ART, creative expression.

So get YOUR drawings ready!!!”
Visit The Mecca Con Application page to get yourself a table to promote your work!
mecca con 2015 applications

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