Snorkelboard Body Board With Embedded Anti-Fog Goggles

Murray Scott creator and owner of the Snorkelboard gave us a look at his awesome line of Body Boards at Toy Fair New York a few months back. Now that we’re in the middle of the summer we thought it would be a perfect time for you check out his awesome water product!

About Snorkelboard:

Introducing The Snorkelboard®, your personal body board fully equipped with embedded anti-fog goggles! With excellent flotation, stability, and ease of paddling, the Snorkelboard® enjoys a smooth entry line for maximum glide style. No longer will you have to worry about your mask filling up with water, blocking your view with fog or pressing up against the bridge of your nose. Gone are the days of re-breathing spent air left in your snorkel tube or interrupting your experience to equalize because, with the Snorkelboard® your head never touches the water!

snorkelboard water

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