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Derek Mason’s Creep Sweepers

We saw this sick illustration posted by Derek Mason(Mason D Entertainment) on the Black Comic Book Creators FB page and had to share it with you! Creep Sweepers is Derek’s self owned universe which is “like Ghostbusters but with an urban twist”. The artwork on this piece was done by O.C. Taylor and Davy Wagnarok.

Out of my 4 titles, this is probably my favorite to write. Part -time comic book creators/ full time monster exterminators , the Ecto Brothers, are two of the baddest mutha-fuckas on the planet, with a reputation of not only hunting down supernatural creatures, but brutally destroying them. Lilth, the queen of all monsters and ruler of the 11th level of Hell, decides she’s had enough of these two, so she assembles some of her most fierce monsters , The Brotherhood of Doom, to destroy the brothers. Now the brothers must assemble a team of paranormal investigtors/Monster Hunters to stop them.

It’s like Ghostbusters with a little From Dusk til Dawn and a tiny teaspoon of Fantastic Four ( the comic, not the movie) thrown in.

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