Schwinn Build A Bike Game

Schwinn Build A Bike Game Is Awesome! (@campgames)

We have an awesome card game that we added to a few prize packs for the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest this Saturday at Hagerstown BMX. It’s called the Schwinn Build A Bike Game, made by our awesome sponsor Education Outdoors.

Schwinn Build A Bike Card Game
About the game:

Build-a-Bike card game is a fast and fun family card game where each player races to build the largest fleet of Schwinn® bikes. Be the player that builds the most bikes with the highest point value.

Players need to build a bike by collecting cards for each component (tires, frame, seat, handlebars, helmet) and get points for each (for example, 8 points for a carbon steel frame, 3 for an aluminum frame). The player with the highest point value wins! Comes with 70, 3×5-inch playing cards, including bike component cards, bonus cards, and set-back cards that deduct points (better discard those fast!).

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