Focused Space Brand Bags Are So Fly! (@focusedspace)

Some of the nicest looking bags at The Agenda Show NYC earlier this summer was the hands down the Focused Space Brands bags. The many styles, the build and the look of these bags were on point and the price tag isn’t bad either. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get a video interview with any reps from the brand but we did get a few photos of these awesome bags. Check out the gallery below to see the dopeness.

We need to get our hands on some of these bags!

About Focused Space Brand:

Focused Space, The Fine Products of Efficiency, was created to elevate the travel experience and how we organize technology. The brand was founded by the creative vision of Bryan Grismer. Bryan’s journey helps to define the passion, humble beginnings and entrepreneurial spirit that west coast culture has become known for. From thrift stores to flea markets, band to brand garage creation , water to land board sports in attempts of individual and team expression. The Focused Space range incorporates some very personal inspiration for the Grismer family that traces back to a family farm in Hosmer, South Dakota. “The Jacob Grismer and Sons silo dates back to the early 1950’s and exists today as a symbol of our family roots,” says Grismer. This celebration of heritage and importance of family unit can be seen in products such as the Silo backpack. The upholstery grade material is recreation a rug that was part of their family and the shape was inspired by a feed bag on their wheat farm. READ MORE…

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