Baum Cycles, Giallo Granturismo MTB, (@baumcycles)

Australia based custom frame builder Baum Cycles posted some photos of this nice Giallo Granturismo hard tail Mountain Bike. We really like the colorway and patterns on this bike. The yellow highlights, black and grey lines over the white base color really make the bike look unique. The white decals on the wheels and tires add to the style of the bike. Not only does this bike look nice it’s also built to perform. Dopeness 4sho!
Baum Cycles Fuji
About Baum Cycles:

Darren Baum trained and worked as a certified aircraft engineer and stainless steel TIG welder before becoming a frame builder. His cycling career began as an A grade rider before a car accident in 1990 sparked a long-term interest in how biomechanics and bike design can be used to increase performance. The rest, as they say, is history.

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