Joystick G2-B2, Bill MucMullen
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Joystick x G2-B2 By Bill McMullen

If your heading to Designer Con this weekend you should try and get your hands on this “Joystick & G2-B2” set at the DKE Toys booth! This 3-3/4inch scale set is limited to only 20 copies and have been hand-cast and hand-painted by artist Bill McMullen.

We love the mash up of HipHop and Star Wars inspiration put into this set. Really dope end product 4sho!!

About Joystick & G2-B2″:
Bill actually made 10 of these figures 2 years ago for DCon and just showed up at the booth with them. Dov sold them in 5 minutes. The pieces were made for the rest of the edition but it has taken 2 years for the remaining 20 to actually surface. So although it is an edition of 30 we will only have 20 for DCON 2015, assuming Bill gets them done.

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