rapacon Cosplay Contest

Rapacon HipHop Cosplay Contest Nov 19 st.

This Thursday during the Rapacon website launch party, they are having the first ever HipHop Cosplay contest! Come dressed in you best 80’s-90’s HipHop influenced attire and enter the contest to win a dope prize! We want you to get creative with this, there’s tons of 80’s-90’s HipHop cosplay costumes that we can think of, we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!!

Judges will select people from the audience who have the best outfits to participate. Whoever has the best outfit, combined with swagger and attitude wins a authentic Dookie Rope Chain from back in the day!

The event goes down November 19st from 6pm-10pm at HCC,INC. 361 West 125th Street(next to the post office)

Make sure you RSVP to the event in order to get in. Staff@Rapacon.com

rapacon Cosplay Contest

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