Marvel Comics, 3A Spiderman figures

Marvel Comics × ThreeA’s Spiderman Figures

The super talented creative forces at ThreeA and Marvel Comics linked up for two sick Spiderman inspired figures. The big Spiderman figure seen on display at this year’s Toysoul convention is a more mechanized, robotic version called the “Spider-Bot”!  The “Spider-Bot” rendition of “Spider-Man” is controlled by a “Peter Parker” figure which is featured in a more urbanized, homemade costume than the normal spidey outfit.

We spotted these awesome figures on who said:
“Now it hasn’t been announced that the character with the robot’s control pad is Peter Parker or that the robot is called “Spider-Bot,” but we gotta go with calling them something for now.”

We think it’s a good idea so we’re gonna go with calling them that too 🙂

3A Spiderman figures

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