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The Ol’ Days – Happy Holidays – @The_OLDaysMusic

One of our favorite HipHop groups The Ol’ Days (Ki’ of NC and Rookie_Chi of Rookie TV) dropped a banging “Anti-Christmas Rap” Ep called Grumpy Ol Men. It’s 5 boom bap tracks HipHop Christmas realness with that Ol’ Days humor.

We’re really feeling track #5 “Happy Holidays”(Happy New Year)! The beat that Ki’ crafted for that joint is so addictive and soulful plus the bars that they spit was fire. THIS IS HIPHOP!!!

“We probably already know what you’re thinking! “NOT ANOTHER CORNY Christmas Album with the SAME OLD SONGS!” Well good people this is definitely not that! This album was created for the adults who give from their heart, but still know the true pains of holiday! You know exactly what we are talking about with the long lines, bad parking, and whiney kids! Take a ride with The Ol’ Days as they talk about the things that other holiday songs refuse to cover! This is Anti-Christmas rap at its best!” ~The Ol’ Days
grumpy ol men

About The Ol’ Days:

“The Ol’ Days are a Chicago group consisting of hip hop producer/Dj Ki’ of NC, Videographer/Camera Man Rookie Chi. They’ve come together on a mission to bring back real music and entertainment for all ages by meshing the new school with the old school!”

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