2017 Ford GT

Toyota, Trans Am, KIA, Ford At NY Auto Show

Crazy Al Cayne and Bruce AKA Bizzle walked around the New York Auto Show during media day to check out the new wips on display.

They start the event out by checking out the new Toyota FCV Plus concept car that was on display just outside the exhibit hall. Then they went over and looked about the awesome Pontiac Trans Am Fire Bird’s on display. There’s also a quick clip of some KIA’s and from there they headed into the Ford section.

Ford had their whole line up on display in their huge booth but the show stopper was the amazing GT. As we are writing this we just found out that the 2017 Ford GT just sold out for two years in 30 days!! Crazy!!

Crazy Al ran into Izzy Man of Dynasty Style and checked out a demo of the new Gorilla Glass technology which by the way is used on the GT’s windows! Check out the video below!

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