Bkool Trainer, Simulator For Cycling

Craig Harrison, Brand Manager at Bkool tells Crazy Al Cayne about the company’s new Cycling Simulator during Bike expo New York back in May. This simulator uses the actual weather conditions to adjust the resistance of any real location in the world. It’s also compatible with just about every trainer and app such as Strava, it’s really cool! Check out the video for more details. And visit the BKool website for event more info HERE
About The Bkool Simulator:
“Works with any cycling trainer or stationary bike. With Bkool, ride with your friends without leaving your home. Exclusive technology: Bkool 3D recreates any cycling route on the planet in 3D. Bkool RealWeather ™ simulates the weather on the route. If you like real images, there are hundreds of videos. Its analysis platform will accurately measure your activity.”

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