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Suitsupply Olympic BMX Commercial For Dutch Team

This years Olympics has been creating unique, mainstream exposure opportunities for BMX all across the globe. Take Suitsupply, the official clothing supplier of the Dutch national team. The high end fashion brand produced a series of Olympic promotional commercials called “On Our Way To Brazil” which feature the Dutch team doing their thing dress in Suitsupply threads.

The Dutch Olympic BMX team members (LAURA SMULDERS, NIEK KIMMANN, RAYMON VAN DER BIEZEN) have their own segment which features the Olympians speeding through the streets dressed in some high fashion Suitsupply suits and dresses. It’s a cool spot that puts a different spin on a BMX racing ad and show the cycling aspect of BMX. We like it!

About Suitsupply:

Impeccable suiting since 2000. Suitsupply is there for people who want to be seen.

Check out the rest of the Suitsupply Olympic ads HERE and remember to check out the Olympic BMX competitions August 17th-19th on NBC

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