vonsothen racing gopro bmx stem

Von Sothen Racing Custom #GoPro BMX Stem

In more BMX Stem Awesomeness news, California based parts manufacturer Von Sothen Racing posted an image of a custom stem they made to fit a GoPro! It’s a top load stem with an machined detachable GoPro mount which fits on the bottom side of the stem. This stem will enable you to get a very unique POV shot of all your BMX shenanigans for the masses to see and when your finished using it you can easily detach the GoPro adaptor. The polished colorway of the stem awesome and it weighs in at only 9.5 ounces with the GoPro mount attached….Nice!

As of now we believe this just a one off custom piece but they really should consider making a run of these as we’re sure riders are gonna be wanting this one for their bikes!

Follow Von Sothen Racing on IG for the latest updates! @vonsothenracing

Check out the sneak peak video of the stem

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