Maris Strombergs BMX Bike Sculpture At Vidzeme Olympic Centre

Ever since BMX Elite Pro Maris Strombergs brought his home country Latvia 2 of it’s 3 Olympic gold medals(2008, 20012) from the summer games, he’s been the toast of the town! One of the coolest things among many to happen to this super talented athlete is back in July Maris’s town Valmiera dedicated a sculpture in his honor!!

The sculpture is located at the new Vidzeme Olympic Centre in Valmiera and it put there as a confirmation that Valmiera is the cradle where evolved Latvian BMX racing.

The bronze sculpture is very detailed from the numberplate, to the brake level, pedals and even the tire tread. As you can see in the vido below, the sculpture is truly a work of art adn prbably the heaviest BMX Racing Bike ever lol 😉

This instantly makes Latvia a tourist attraction for BMXers around the world!

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