SILCA/Sachs Collaboration Pumps! Yes These Are Designer Tire Pumps

Legendary custom bicycle builder Richard Sachs partnered up with Silca and his long time frame painter Joe Bell for some super high end pumps.

Richard Sachs has long been considered one of the finest framebuilders in the world, a true master of his craft who has inspired our industry with his writings, photography, racing, and of course: stunning handmade bicycles.

“Joe Bell, the man who has painted every single Richard Sachs Bicycle for the last 30+ years is working with House Industries designed graphic wrapping around the entire pump barrel which makes for a stunning combination to behold in person. The detail in the SILCA/Sachs Collaboration pumps are amazing with the signs of a true master showing through in every detail.”

We never thought there would ever be such a thing as collectible pumps but with this unique collaboration it my start a new trend….hopefully a more affordable one than these 😉

CLICK HERE to find out more!


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