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Video: Bill Allen AKA Cru Jones At Dah Shop

Bill Allen AKA “Cru Jones” from the cult classic BMX movie Rad came out to Dah Shop in NYC for his “My Rad Career” book signing and it was RAD!!!! 😉 Old fans and new came out to pick up a T-shirt, photos and signed book plus Dah Shop did a screening of Rad right outside so everyone could check it out!

Before the screening began Crazy Al Cayne got a quick interview with Bill and found out about the “Rad Army” live stunt show that he’ll be doing with BMX legends Eddie Fiola and Martin Aparijo. Check out the interview below.
Find out more about the Rad Army Stunt Show via their Facebook Fan Page
Big shout out to Tyrone Williams of Dah Shop for hosting this great event!

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