Squink – Out Of Tune – Custom Marka27 “Minigod” Dunny

UK artist Squink created a dope interpretation of the Marka27 “Minigod Dunny” design and named it “Out Of Tune”! The unique hand-painted 3-inch tall vinyl figure is looks amazing with its color, splatters and lines. The sad look on the characters face along with the Marka27 speakers on the side of its head make total sense why Squink named this figure “Out Of Tune”.

We’re pretty sure it’s too late to get your hands on this piece. Only one was made and it was made avaiable on September 30th for $91 on Squink’s online shop. It would be cool if Squink made a run of the Out Of Tune Marka27 Dunny. It looks amazing!

About “Out Of Tune”
“Custom Kidrobot Dunny, hand painted with acrylic paint and inks, finished with a matte clear coat for protection.
Comes complete with foam packed gift box with signed & titled card wraparound.
This piece is for display only, and is unsuitable for small children.”

out-of-tune-dunny-2 squink

Marka27 Minigod figure

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