SE Bikes Big Ripper Evolution x PE Ride Out Mini Documentary

Michael Wikan the man behind the Team Corrosive movement edited this awesome 2 part video about the evolution of the SE Bikes “Big Ripper”. From the first Big Ripper which was made for Big Black to the new Public Enemy themed version, the Big Ripper has become thee most popular “retro” BMX bike out there.

There’s also a lot of footage of the PE Rideout From Harlem to Brooklyn that went down earlier this past summer with DBlock and the whole Cyclesquad Maniaccs crew! There also a few clips of Crazy Al Cayne in the Rideout footage..Nice!!

Part 1
“SE Bikes’ Brand Manager, Todd Lyons walks you through the thought process and history of the world’s first 29” BMX bike, the Big Ripper. It is a little known fact that in 2008, the first-ever Big Ripper bikes were made specifically for Rob Dyrdek and Big Black to ride in an episode the hit MTV show “Rob & Big.” Over the years, there have been many variations of the Big Ripper, including the new 2017 collaboration bike with world-renowned hip hop group, Public Enemy. And now with major Instagram hype from the New York wheelie king Dblocks, the Big Ripper has undoubtedly become the bike to have amongst the riders in the bikelife movement.”

Part 2
“Todd Lyons hooks up with Dblocks and the Cycle Squad Maniaccs in Harlem for a ride of a lifetime! The crew meets up with 100’s of other riders as they band together to bum rush the show on a wild ride through Manhattan and all the way to Brooklyn to a Public Enemy concert. Public Enemy’s main front man, Chuck D sees the swarm of riders arrive to the show and immediately comes to meet the guys, give high-fives, and to check out the Public Enemy Big Ripper collaboration bike. The night was definitely louder than a bomb and ended with back stage passes and front row seats to the Public Enemy concert. Yeah Boyeeee!”

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