Duo Cast, Urban Action Showcase

2016 Urban Action Showcase, HBO VIP Party Interviews Pt#1

For the 2016 Urban Action Showcase, HBO VIP event I did things a little different and filmed it kinda like a behind the scenes/walk through video. I have tons of footage from the event and I couldn’t fit everything into one edit so I broke into a few parts.

Some of the great people that are featured in this clip(Part 1) are Stan J Adams, Bobby Samuels, Fred Williamson, Master John Phoenix, Jose Hernandez Jr, Emmanuel Brown, Robert Garrett, Eric Nocella Diaz, Miguelina Olivares, Micheline Hess, Julius B Kelly, the World Of One Sixth team, The Blerd Gurl, Chris Gainsbury & Shaun Cooper creators of “Corruption 2” and more!

Stay tuned for part 2!

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boztown, reloaded

Boztown “Hip Hop” Neck Cracking Instrumental (@BoztownMusic)

izreal medina spittin in da wip

Isreal Medina on Spittin In Da Wip #GoProMusic