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26″ Skyway Tuff Wheels Are In The Works At Last!

skyway 26 tuffs
Over the past 2 years Skyway Machines has made a big splash in the BMX industry again with the production of their Tuff Wheels(and their many colors), Graphite Tuff Wheels and the release of the all new T/A 20″ & Cruisers. During that time a lot of people were wondering when or if Skyway was gonna make a 26″ Tuff Wheel for big bikes and MTB’s. Well we we’re super excited to announce that 26″ Tuff Wheels ARE in the works!! Skyway posted a cad drawing of the preliminary design of the 26″ Tuff Wheel on their Facebook page yesterday and got the web buzzing with the news! Besides the added news that these wheels are gonna be a little on the heavy side, we don’t have anymore details like, colors, rear axle sizes, are they coming with a coaster brakes or cog, will there be a graphite version made, etc…but we’re sure that info will be revealed in the near future, stay tuned!
Check out Skyway BMX on facebook for the latest updates!

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