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“Baldin” Parody by Crazy Al Cayne (Director’s Cut)

[Warning: There’s Foul Language In This Video. It’s Not For Kids]
Back in 2006 I did a parody of Jim Jones hit song “Ballin(We Fly High)”. I flipped into Baldin…yep it’s a song all about hair loss. I uploaded it to Youtube back in 2006 but it was a edited down version with a shorter intro. I’ve always wanted to get around to uploading the video again since the quality of video uploads are so much better now so I finally did.
When I decided to do a video for this one I wanted to make it into a min movie. I also wanted to put in some elements of the original video that Jim Jones did. I had to find a hair salon to film at and my dude Artis Hilliard who also help film the video hooked me up with his sister’s salon for the shoot. When I do my videos I like to get all my people to do cameos in them and for this I had a lot lol!! watch the end for the credits/outtakes. This was one of my favorite videos to work on and really test my directing and editing skills lol!

Performed by: Crazy Al Cayne
Directed by: Crazy Al Cayne
Edited by: Crazy Al Cayne

Filmed by:
Artis Hillard
Colin Turner
Crazy Al Cayne

Makeup/Location: Erica (Art’s Baldie)

Crazy Al Cayne
Christopher Truth
Reg West
Angelus Fermin
Kena Sage
Shani Kulture
Artis Hilliard
Lin Que
Steph Blunt
Liz Diamonds
Capone “The Gangsta Of Comedy”
Mr Rhon
Ron (Dancing bald guy)

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