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Bike Of The Month Contest Jan 2017

So we started a “Bike Of The Day” where we feature awesome BMX bike builds on the site. Users submit good quality photos of their bikes along with a bunch of photos and a parts list to us.
Now we’re getting you the viewers involved with our new “Bike Of The Month” contest. We list all the bikes that we posted as Bike Of The Day for the month and you pick which one was your favorite. Whichever bike has the highest vote percentage by the end of the month wins.

Click on the images in the voting box below to pick your favorite bike.
More Photos of each bike below the voting box to see more detail.

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izreal medina spittin in da wip

Isreal Medina on Spittin In Da Wip #GoProMusic

paris cullins, artist

2017 BCBF Pt2, Shawn Alleyne, Jamal Igle, Andre Leroy Davis, Paris Cullins