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Jansport J “Huh? Okay!” Hard Body #HipHop Instrumental

Covina, California based producer Jansport J just released a dope beat called “Huh? Okay!” off his upcoming album “P h a r a o h”! The beat features a chopped up female vocal sample at a live concert saying “Huh? Okay”. We didn’t know at first who it was but when she said “Sweet Love” we assume it’s Anita Baker. Jansport J also took the first bar of the infamous, classic Bob James drum sample from “Take Me to the Mardi Gras” and looped it. Next is a sample from what sounds like a late 60’s/70’s era TV show like Dragnet or Get Smart. The bass in that joint is sick! This Is HipHop!!!

About “P h a r a o h”

Thomas Jefferson once wrote that “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing.” While one of our founding fathers was probably referring to our government and what could be America in 2017, Jansport J subconsciously ended up taking the adage to heart in the studio for his new album p h a r a o h. During a visit to the Rotten Apple one January in 2016, one of hip hop’s founding fathers–Rakim–and an intangible magnetism in the city brought on a break from his familiar narrative-driven album structure in favor of raw, gut feelings. Taking a page out of J Dilla’s book, he shirked care for track listing order to give the listener a bumpy, immersive trip with no sense of direction like a tourist caught in the morning rush on the L train.

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