lithium cycles super 73 ebike

Lithium Cycles Super 73, Pedal Assist E-Bike (@LithiumCycles)

The folks at Lithium Cycles created modern take of the classic mini bike from back in the day with their new “Super 73″ E-Bike!! The Super 73 features the same styling as the old school minibike but in a bigger size. Instead of those tiny 8″ wheels the Super 73 comes with 20” fat bike wheels!

The Super 73 comes with an industry leading 11.6 amp hour Panasonic powered battery, which gives you a range of 20-30 miles per charge depending on riding conditions. Plus, you can get a dual battery rack for a 50 range. It recharges from empty to a full charge in 3.5 hours plus the battery is removable for recharging on the go.

It’s designed for acceleration and hill climbing torque with its 1000 watt electric motor and custom engineered motor controller. It has pedal assist to extend the range and throttle control!!
It has 5 pedal assist mode levels to give the motor an extra boost by pedaling, which extends your range or you can just turn it off for pure pedal power. Of course you can just pull the throttle and go without moving your legs at all 🙂
More Stats:
– Cup Holder (can also hold a cell phone)
– USB outlet for charging your phone or other electronics
– Bottle Opener
– Rear light on battery pack

Check out the video below to see even more details on the bike


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