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Marshawn Lynch Gets His Own BMX Bike

Todd Lyons of SE Bikes is always doing big things in BMX that’s never been done before! This time around Todd created the first ever 27.5″ size BMX bike called “Beast Mode”! The bike’s name is inspired by Pro Football player Marshawn Lynch AKA “Beast Mode” making this the first Football Inspired BMX Bike that we know of, pretty cool! Lynch recently signed a two-year contract with the Oakland Raiders and to celebrate that and his new “Beast Mode” bike, Todd Lyons and the Cycle Squad Maniacs are doing a ride out in Oakland today!

According to Todd, this bike is built from the ground up for the new 27.5 size. The tires are 27.5 x 3.0 so they’re semi fat tires 😉 . The bike also features a rear disk brake, number pate, “Beat Mode” written in big bold letters on the tires and frame, 4 piece handlebars, and a cool black and gold colorway. The bike will be available this July and we know the streets are gonna be flooded with them this summer!! Stay tuned for the official release of the “BEAST MODE” coming soon!

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