Spirits Destiny red band comics

Spirits Destiny Comic, Short Fuse Media Group

The folks over at Short Fuse Media Group released an illustration of their new character, Spirits Destiny and we’re loving it! She’s a new character is part of the Red Band universe headed up by Joshua Lucas. Spirit’s Destiny is created by Dorphise Jean!!

About Short Fuse Media Group:
We are a team of outlandishly talented individuals determined to show the world that we can make Comics and other cool Pop Culture stuff like toys, cartoons and movies “JUST AS GOOD AS…..OR EVEN BETTER THEN” the major companies. We are dedicated to creating AWESOME comics that we can release to the world via our own publishing company, Short Fuse Media Group, LLC.

As an added bonus….We know you’ve always dreamed of it….so we decided to offer YOU an oulet to have your own original comic (and any other related merchandise that you can think of) STARRING YOU or ANY CHARACTER THAT YOU’VE CREATED….because as a fan…..we know you’ve made your own characters and secretly wished they came to life. Admit it!!!! We did too!!! That’s how we arrived here!!! We do not use templates at all (LIKE SOME OTHER MORE EXPENSIVE CUSTOMIZERS) and everything we create is 100% custom by actual fans of the culture (aka US).

Lastly….any custom comics that we make can potentially live well past your personal gift project as we make the story of your custom an integrated part of our comic book universe THAT WE PUBLISH!!! So what are you waiting for???? CHECK OUT OUR COMICS…..ENJOY THEM AND ALL THEIR AWESOMENESS…..THEN CONTACT US TO MAKE YOURS!!!
For more information visit ShortFuseMediaGroup.com

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