Top 10 BMX Racing Websites
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Top 10 BMX Racing Websites

If your looking for the best websites that primarily focus on BMX racing I compiled this list below! These are the 10 best websites that cover Bicycle Motocross Racing in no particular order…kinda ;)!
This is the website for the one and only BMX Racing sanction in the US! If your looking to start racing BMX you need to check out this website, join USABMX and become a member. has everything you need to know about BMX Racing from becoming a racer to even starting your own track! All of the 300+ tracks in the US & Canada, race results, race schedules, rider points, membership info and race reports from the national events are listed on this site.
This is one of the longest running BMX racing news websites in the game! Jerry Landrum travels the world to bring you the latest news, photos and results from all the big BMX races. Definitely a site you need to check out every week
Another BMX Racing specific website that’s been in the game for a long time! is one of thee most up to date BMX Racing new websites out there that not only delivers the latest news, trends, race results and amazing photos, There’s even a podcast hosted by Mr himself Mike Carruth!
This site covers all things BMX but they have a pretty awesome section Dedicated to BMX Racing. What I like about it is they’ll cover racing topics you wont see on other BMX racing websites. A lot of internationals racing news and results along with BMX Nationals coverage from the states. They mainly cover the pros races/results
This is one of my favorite sites to visit! BMXUltra covers the international BMX Racing scene, primarily in Australia where they’re based. Lots of product release news and reviews, tips, interviews and photos. They even have a team and their own event called the BSX which is awesome!
The world famous BMX forum that covers all aspects of BMX but the BMX Racing Forum is where most of the activity is at. Lots of info, gossip, opinions, ranting, drama and so on about BMX racing all right here.
The best and most consistent podcast about BMX racing on the internet. They do interviews with everybody in the BMX racing industry, product reviews, tips, opinions and they have a lot of fun doing it! Definitely a show you need to subscribe to.
Another site to keep you up to date with the international BMX Racing scene. They have lots of race video footage from the big nationals in Europe, bmx tips, forum, old sckool topics, news, bike checks, product reviews and more.

15 covers Elite BMX racing, product reviews, Big BMX race event listing from around the world and more. IT’s also a great looking website!

All of the UCI Elite Pro supercross races from around the world are on this site! UCI is the international sanction for BMX Racing. The site features a lot of video coverage from the Supercross and world cup BMX races, race results, rider ranking, worldwide UCI race schedule, team info and news. The UCI also handles the Olympic BMX duties so you can keep up to date with all of the BMX Olympic and BMX youth Olympic news on this site.

Now I know there has to be more websites covering BMX racing out there but these are my favorite, Which sites out the of this are you favorite? Let me know by filling out the poll below. Also if you know of anymore sites that cover BMX racing please add them in the comment section below. 🙂
Yes I know I left out Transworld but it didn’t make my Top 10 (Thought of it too late) but their BMX page is great too!

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