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Supercross Envy RS7 BMX Racing Frame

The folks at Supercross recently released the new Envy RS7 triple butted aluminum BMX race frame. The brand is calling it the “evolution” of their past Envy RS series models making it the best one yet! So what’s new on the evolved RS?

-Refined butting profiles
-Refined head tube shaping
-New dropouts
-New Cold Forged Bottom Bracket Shells with cold rolled threads
-Enhanced tubing diameters
-And more

supercross-bmx-envy-rs7-bmx frame 2

About the Supercross Envy RS7:
“The Supercross ENVY RS7 utilizes our special blend of 7005 ULR Ultra Light triple butted ,custom shaped tubing that is a direct result of working with the exotic EastonĀ® Tubesets for over a decade. Why 7005 you ask? Well how about that it has a higher strength and yield than 6061 when it is properly aged and heat treated. Kind of a Superhero of Aluminum. The perfect thing for your race bike. Sound too good to be true? Yea we thought so too, but after a decade of real world testing, we can tell you it is.

Now to you Supercross fans, you will know that the 7005 ULR tubing has been being used on all our ENVY Aluminum race frames for the last 10 years, so what makes the RS7 new? Well remember the first line, it’s evolutionary, well that’s whats new. When we released the ENVY it was the best , absolute cutting edge for the time, and then we found ways to make it better, so along came the v2, then the v3, the v5, and now the RS7.”
To find out more this frame visit

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