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2019 SE Bikes Santa Cruz Ride Out Recap Video

Todd Lyons and the Cyclesquad Maniacs headed out to Santa Cruz for another one of their epic ride outs.  Se Bikes resident ride out documentarian, Mike Wikan of Team Corrosive/Michael Wikan Photography, was there to capture all the awesomeness going down!

There were about 1000 people riding and poppin wheelies all over Santa Cruz and having fun. In the video you’ll notice all the bike lanes out there, it looks like a really fun place to ride. What we really liked about this ride out was, they held different competitions along the way. They did a surfing slalom course, a wheelie version of foot down, slow wheelie death match and other cool stuff. They even stopped by some local dirt trails and shredded the jumps on their big bikes. It looked like one of the best one’s they’ve done so far. THIS IS BMX!!!

Big shout out to Todd Lyons, Se BikesDBlocks & The Cyclesquad Maniacs and Team Corrosive for keeping that pure BMX spirit alive with these awesome ride outs! And Big Up to Mike Wikan for rocking that Sugar Cayne T-shirt in the video!!!

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