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SE BIKESLIFE BMX DAY At The Track, Edit Is Awesome!

Todd Lyons, SE bikes and the Cycle Squad Maniacs have really been on a roll this year with straight up BMX greatness!!! This time around they filled up a bus load of Bike Life/wheelie riders from Harlem at took them upstate New York to New Paltz BMX and Kingston Point BMX track to get the BMX racing experience! Riders from all over came out to take the trip. It was awesome to see all the 29″ Big rippers shredding the track. Hopefully this video will get more kids interested in the racing side of BMX.
Big props to the whole SE Bikes/Bikelife crew for keeping BMX pure!! SALUTE!!

Press Release:
“At our inaugural #SEBIKESLIFEBMXDAY event, we went from the hood to the woods!
We pulled into Harlem, NY with the Cycle Squad Maniaccs, loaded up a school bus with 40 kids, and took them and their bikes out to their first ever BMX race. The bus drove the riders 2hrs out of NYC and stopped at the New Paltz BMX track for a private practice session & then from there to the Kingston BMX track for a night race. Each and every rider raced that night and had the time of their life!

Taking these BIKELIFE riders out of the city and introducing them to BMX racing was an awesome event. It was truly the merging of two cultures; BIKELIFE meets BMX racing. “WE RIDE AS ONE”

Music from Epidemic Sound:
Damma Beatz, Finesse
A P O L L O, Moody
Damma Beatz, Same Song


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