The Shoe Surgeon Air Jordan 1 Rubberized Python

Popular custom shoe designer, The Shoe Surgeon released his latest creation, a “Lux” Rubberized Python Air Jordan 1. The Surgeon reconstructed the kicks using premium rubberized python with a unique react ripstop material. The overall design of the sneaker is inspired by Virgil Abloh’s various Air Jordan 1 customization. The kicks feature a boldly quoted text on the flaps and outsole, an orange hit on the swoosh, as well as a hang tag in blue. Leather patch branding from The Shoe Surgeon is on the right shoe’s tongue.

air-jordan-1-rubberized-python pair

If you have a ton of money to burn, go right ahead and visit The Shoe Surgeon’s web store to pick up a fresh, custom pair of these kicks. But if you don’t want your eyes to bleed from looking at the price of these joint just stay right here and enjoy the pics 😉

air-jordan-1-rubberized-python toe

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