Manon Valentino 2019 BMX World cup win

Manon Valentino Wins BMX World Cup Manchester Day 2

French BMX Elite Woman, Manon Valentino wins Day 2 of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester!!

Manon was getting solid finishes on Day 1 during the qualifying rounds and wound up in 6th in the main event. Then on Day 2 Manon made it to the mains again. Her start out the gate was decent but she got a little boxed in and had to slow it down which brought her to the back of the pack into the first turn. But she dove deep and wound up coming out of turn 1 in 4th place. Down the 2nd straight Manon started moving up to 3rd place position but it looked like she was heading for an otb on the 2nd jump which slowed her down a little.

Coming out of the 2nd turn Manon was in 4th place but she was getting a serious pump through the rhythm section and came in to turn three in 3rd place. Then USA’s Alise Willoughby, who was dominating the race up until this point, had her back tire slip out on the turn opening the door for Laura Smulders and Manon. Laura wound up veering off the track but Manon kept her eye’s on the prize and came in with the win! It was an awesome BMX race!!

Big shout out and congrats to Manon or her win and to all the women in this main. It was exciting to watch!

Check out a full break down of the race results HERE

Follow Manon on IG: MValentino971

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