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Michael Von Sothen’s Seahawks Themed Rift ES20

A few weeks back. Michael Von Sothen of VSR(Von Sothen Racing) posted photos of this beautiful custom green/blue/white Rift ES20. This BMX Racing bike is loaded with high end Tangent parts and VSR goodies.

Von Sothen stem
The VSR in blue with a Tangent headset
Rift, Vsr top tube
You’ll find all through out the frame some fresh Von Sothen branding
von sonthen, rift, chain stay
More Von Sothen branding hidden on the chain stays
von sothen, rift, numberplate
Tangent number plate with Seahawks and Von Sothen branding.

This bike just looks amazing!

Now normally when we do a Bike Of The Day we put up a full parts list but we couldn’t find one for this. So this time we want you guys at home to tell us what parts you think are this bike based of the photos in the comments below. We’ll reach out the Michael to see if we can get the list from him. Then we’ll post it so you can see how right or wrong your list was. Aaaaand Go! 🙂

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