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4x World Championship Footage By Nukeproof

So the UCI recently had a 4 Cross World Championship. The event went down during their Mountain Bike World Championship stop in Val Di Sol, Italy. MTB manufacturer Nukeproof made a cool edit highlighting their team riders Elliott Heap & Natasha Bradley who took home silver medals in the men’s and Women’s race.

We were surprised to see that 4x is still going on since we haven’t see it done in the state in a long time. We love 4x because it basically is BMX. They just cut the gate in half to 4 riders and race on an all dirt down hill course on mountain bikes. But at the end of the day it’s BMX (Bicycle Motocross). It was just re branded as 4 Cross.

We look forward to seeing more 4 cross videos and hopefully those events can start coming back to the states. And congrats to the Nukeproof team for their awesome results!

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