Homeboy Sandman – Far Out (Official Video)

Mello Music Group dropped visuals to Homeboy Sandman’s latest single “Far Out”!! We’re been waiting for this ever since the song dropped a few weeks ago and we’re digging it. The video was directed and animated by Rob Shaw for Bent Image Lab and the beat was crafted by Mono En Stereo.


“The technique behind the animation works by turning flat images into dimensional CG versions by extruding geometry based on the colors in the image. I have been wanting to try something like this for a while, but could never find the right project until “Far Out”. The feeling was so space-cool that I thought it could work. Cg artist Stef Kofman and I developed the technique in some motion tests and and when I showed them to Homeboy Sandman he gave me the chance to go for it.” ~Rob Shaw

“Far Out” is featured on Homboy Sandman’s album “Dusty” which comes out October 18th!

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