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The Classic Schwinn Sting-Ray Returns

The legendary Schwinn Sting-Ray is back! The Sting-Ray was the original BMX bike and It was also one of the first “wheelie bikes” for kids in the hood. In the early days of what we now know as BMX, kids used their Schwinn Sting-Rays to emulate what riders were doing on Motocross at the time. It became the bike of choice at the start of organized BMX racing. As the sport of BMX progressed, so did the technology of how the bikes were built. Eventually the demand for the Sting-Ray was taken over by more advanced bikes for BMX racing like the Mongoose Moto Mag and Schwinn Competition Scrambler.

1977 Schwinn Scrambler and Schwinn Competition Scrambler

As time moved on the Sting-Ray became a distant but beloved memory in BMX and bicycling history.

Red schwinn sting-ray

These days with the popularity of reto BMX bikes, vintage BMX restorations and re-pops, Schwinn has decided to resurrect the legendary 20″ classic!

The new Schwinn Sting-Ray is an almost exact replica of the original with its iconic steel frame and rigid fork design. The bikes also features period-correct parts to give it that vintage look and feel. It even has one piece cranks, rear coaster brake, the classic Sting-Ray banana seat and high-rise ape handlebar with grips. The decals on the bike are done in the same classic font style as the original and you gotta love the chain guard 🙂 The head tube badge is back too!

schwinn sting-ray red

Schwinn has also resurrected their huge rear tire which is great for wheelies and long skids! It also comes with a coaster brake.

We think this bike is dope but one of the draw backs is the short 13″ top tube. It would’ve been cool if they made one with a longer toptube for the OG BMXers who want to relive their childhoods with more leg room 😉

schwinn sting-ray retro

For more details about the Schwinn classic Sting-Ray, visit

Bellow is a little history lesson for ya. enjoy 🙂

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