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Daylight Arc C1 Evel Knievel Inspired BMX Frame

There are custom BMX frames and there’s the Daylight Arc C1 Evel Knievel Inspired BMX Frame. This has got to be the best custom paint job we’ve ever seen on a BMX bike ever! The attention to details on this frame is beyond stellar. You’ll have to take a 2, 3 4, look at this frame to really grasp at all the details.

daylight bmx american hero frame

The frame is titled “American Hero” and it’s a tribute to the the greatest motorcycle stunt man of all times, Evel Knievel. He was definitely an inspiration to the young BMXers and people around the world. The Daylight frame’s red, white and blue colorway and the stars all remind us of Evel’s uniform and bike. The gold branding is actually a perfect offset and doesn’t look out of place.

Daylight BMX Frame American hero

We applaud Daylight for the incredible work they have been doing with all their custom paint jobs. I think we should make a new category for these types of customs. We should called them “BMX Art Frames”. Yeah, consider “BMX Art Frames” to be a thing from now on round here! 😉

daylight bmx american hero bars

Visit if you would like to get custom painted ARC C1 frame.



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    • Yeah that video was crazy! I forgot how wild Evel was. The bikes hes was jumping with were so not built for jumping and he was barley wearing any protection. That dude is a legend!

  1. WOW!!! This frame is so amazing! Daylight is one of the best brands doing these custom paint jobs. I wish I had the money to get this one, so sick.

  2. Super Incredible work done on this frame. How much is it? Are they making a limited run of these? I never heard of Daylight but I’m about to do my research.

  3. YOOOO This frame is insane!! Your right, this is art. I wouldn’t even want to ride it let alone race it. I would just hang this on the wall and look at it everyday.

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