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Bay Area BMXers Get A New Team Van

Howard Cato, founder of Bay Area BMXers recently got a new team van! He received this van after his original tam van was stolen. Howard’s been running a great community program for years, getting kids off the streets and on bikes. It was really sad and frustrating when we heard about his van getting stolen. But his hard work and good deeds for the community paid off when a good Samaritan blessed him with a new van! Not only did they give him a new van, they also got it wrapped! So Cool!

“This was a blessing for the good things I have done over the years. My best friend Bill Smith with Cookies sf reached out when other big companies ignored the cry for help. I pray while I’m on this earth if I ever get in a great situation and I see great people doing good but needs my help, I will not hesitate to lend a hand for a good cause. Just happy to be back active with the schools and children in my community! Thank you again Bill and @berner415″

All the logos mostly on there are from people who did the wrapping, also putting new wheels on it. The logos was put on through my friend, I had no knowledge what was going on until they surprised me at the school. You see they put the number 22 on there for my niece Daph. Every one of those logos have Sentimental value to me.~Howard Cato

About Bay Area BMXers:

Bay Area BMXers is a grass roots non-profit organization that started as a way to personally connect with local youths in a positive way; giving them an outsource to work on personal growth and systematically strengthen their own natural abilities through a nationwide Olympic sport, BMX.

Over the years it has turned into much more. We’ve given the kids that have attended our program a sense of self-worth, we’re promoting/ team unity in positivity group settings, educating them about nutritional values and physical health, along with inspiring dreams.

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